A full collection of Prof. Dennin’s videos are available on his YouTube Channel. (

Select examples are provided here:

Higher Education

Professor Dennin has two main video series on higher education:

  • Conversations with the Vice Provost – a podcast where he interviews a wide range of thought leaders and innovators on topics broadly connected to higher education and the undergraduate experience
  • Ask the Vice Provost – a range of videos where students ask Prof. Dennin basically any question they want!

Popularizing Science

Professor Dennin has appeared in many podcasts and televion shows connected with popularizing science and issues across the scientific spectrum.

  • The Physics of X: where X is everything except politics – YouTube series
  • Fascinating Gadgets, Gizmos, and Gear-based Technology is the longest running podcast he is involved with. It can be found at
  • Fascinating Fights is an exciting video series that pits pop-icons against each other with Michael Dennin providing commentary on who has the best physics advantage. It can be found here.
  • The Science of Superman (originally on National Geographic) started his career as a science commentator in television, leading eventual to his regular appearance as the “friendly skeptic” in Ancient Aliens. IMbD has a list of his credits here

Science and Faith

Professor Dennin has also given talks on the subject of science and faith. His presentation at UCI is available here, and his new series The Physics of X: where X is everything except politics – YouTube series