Michael Dennin is an Irvine resident, husband to a wife who teaches at Mater Dei High School and father of three daughters. A firm believer in public outreach on science, Michael has earned numerous teaching honors, created an award-winning online course, gives inspiring public speeches, makes himself available to journalists and is presently writing two books­. One is a textbook for non-science majors, and the other is a 10-chapter book for the general public, originally titled God is the Ultimate Superhero, now published as Divine Science: Finding Reason at the Heart of Faith, draws on his experiences as a physicist and a Catholic.

His most recent project, The Physics of X: Where X is Everything Except Politics can be found on his YouTube Channel:

No stranger to print media and being behind the camera, Michael has been featured in many publications and television series. Enjoy the selected media features below to get a glimpse of how Michael’s teachings are impacting the community.